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Foodservice Procurement
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2023 – The Year of Streamlining Foodservice Procurement
Gone are the days of your foodservice procurement department manually managing the purchasing process. It’s not surprising that the use of technology has exploded throughout the foodservice industry. All segments,...
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How Technology Is Reshaping the Restaurant Industry
The restaurant industry has not always been quick to adopt new technologies. The adoption of technology is set to continue to increase in the coming years. From point-of-sale systems to...
supply chain visibility
Disruption is the New Villain, Visibility is the New Hero
Like Batman needs Robin, the supply chain needs technology. Traditional supply chain management has been known to be rigid and time consuming, with foodservice stakeholders manually navigating the many touchpoints...
partner with buyers edge platform
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Benefits of a Foodservice Operator Partnering with Buyers Edge Platform
Foodservice operators make up a critical part of the supply chain. Think about it – you use manufacturer products in a variety of different ways throughout your operation. You are...
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Buyers Edge Platform Acquires ArrowStream, a Leading SaaS Provider
Adds the fastest growing foodservice supply chain management software provider with a $35 billion network to drive further efficiency, collaboration, and transparency. WALTHAM, Mass., Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Buyers Edge Platform ("Buyers Edge"), a...
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Technology Over Tradition: Why Restaurants Should Automate As Much As They Can
In a world of technological marvels such as automated virtual assistants, self-driving vehicles, and drone delivery, why would anyone want to manually run their restaurant the old fashioned way? If...