A New Era of Foodservice Procurement

A partnership with Buyers Edge Platform is a bridge to the digital age.

Our Mission

To Drive Better Economic Outcomes for Our Foodservice Stakeholders

Designed to Drive Value

We’ve created the most powerful network in the foodservice industry.

20+ Years of Food Service Industry Experience

1,000+ Employees

Join our rapidly growing team of food, data, and technology experts.

17 Unique Companies

Our platform brands touch every corner of the foodservice world and provide value to stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

171 Million Purchases Analyzed Daily

Our data and AI engines never stop cranking, processing billions of dollars of purchasing data.

20+ Years of Industry Expertise

Buyers Edge has been restaurant-focused from the start, and we’ll never stop pursuing new ways to add value to the industry.

Our Origin Story

We have a lifelong obsession with the power of data.

Our story starts in 1998 with 45 independent restaurants in Rochester, NY.  We grouped those restaurants together and helped them reduce their Pepsi costs.

We moved operations to Boston, where we built our first “hub city.”  Restaurants throughout greater Boston benefited from our extensive network of distributor and manufacturer partnerships.

Our network spread like crazy — as networks do. By 2012, we had operators in all 50 states buying on our GPO contracts and taking advantage of our data and expertise.

Buyers Edge Platform stood out in the world of group purchasing — offering unprecedented data visibility, purchasing transparency, and marketing opportunities. The biggest — and smartest — suppliers in foodservice took notice and lined up to establish partnerships.

We leaned hard into our technology to establish our advantage in the market. We built and acquired the best software in the industry to help our clients and partners access the data and insights they need to boost their profitability.

Our Values

Value 1

Ask Tough Questions

We dig deep and challenge the status quo so we can chart the best path forward.

Value 2

Be Agile

Speed is critical. We stay nimble in action and mind to accelerate growth.

Value 3

Celebrate Differences

We value diversity and believe that with unique perspectives we can achieve great things as a team.

Value 4

Deliver Solutions

Our pursuit to solve customer challenges drives our innovation.

Value 5

Enjoy Yourself

We believe work should be fulfilling and a healthy balance of work and play is essential.

I want ideas. I want dissenting opinions. I want the country’s best brains working for our clients.
John Davie
CEO and Founder, Buyers Edge

Our Brands

Made of the Best

Buyers Edge is made up of more than a dozen brands that serve foodservice stakeholders with data, technology, buying power, and expertise. Learn more about what each of our companies delivers.


Calling all Food Lovers and Tech Enthusiasts

Our team members work on projects with brands throughout our enterprise — that keeps life interesting and offers up a world of opportunities for collaboration as well as internal transfers.


Since roughly 2013, Buyers Edge Platform has been in an exciting period of exponential growth.


Work/life balance is a real priority for our leadership team and is a part of our organization’s everyday life.


We value diversity and believe in the power of unique perspectives.

Environmental Responsibility:

Buyers Edge Platform sets science-based targets and pledges carbon neutrality

In 2021, we pledged to set greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative. Buyers Edge Platform has become a carbon neutral company as of 2020 and pledges Net Zero emissions by 2040, as part of our ambitious climate strategy. 

We continue to purchase sufficient carbon offsets to maintain carbon neutrality each year through a mix of renewable energy purchases, emission reductions and offsets. We will continue to evaluate our emissions and track progress toward our long-term goal of achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2040 across our operations and value chain.

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