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Foodservice Purchasing Technology

Like a double espresso for your purchasing team

Amp up your procurement with the power of data and technology to help you streamline and save

Gain unprecedented insights to your purchases, prices and profitability

Buyers Edge Platform collects, cleans and categorizes your purchases. From there, you can use your data to boost your rebate earnings, verify your contracted prices, uncover new savings potential, accurately track your recipe costs, and more.

Technology and Insights for Every Procurement Challenge

You can’t make smart decisions without good information. Buyers Edge clients use our technology to uncover – and solve – their toughest procurement challenges. Our software turns tasks that used to take days into fast, easy, automated steps on the path to procurement success.

What's your food cost percentage? Load up on your ingredients and recipes and the software handles the rest. Track recipe costs, cost of goods sold, inventory and more to help keep your costs within range.

Cost savings are just a click away. Drive your rebate earnings, enroll in indirect spend savings and let our AI find switch-and-save opportunities that are just right for your operations.

Insights at a glance. Our dashboard makes it clear which categories are having the biggest impact on your spend, where a new contract might offer significant savings and where overcharges are adding unnecessary weight to your costs.

More fresh, less stress. Keep track of the latest FOB prices on the produce items that matter most to you. Plus, view storage and handling guides, and monitor important produce safety, recall and alert announcements.

Compare and be aware. The fickle commodity markets can change with the day – so how do you know if you're paying the right price? Drag and drop your items to compare your purchase prices to the commodity indices for hard-to-reach insights.

Comprehensive Spend Management Dashboard

It’s never been easier to assess the strength of your purchasing

Buyers Edge Platform delivers unparalleled access to foodservice purchasing data. Our technology cleans and normalizes data from thousands of sources, synthesizes items by categories, suppliers, locations, time periods and presents the information in the form of actionable dashboards that let operators ask – and answer – questions that impact their margins.

Back Office

It’s time to take things digital.

Weekly food costs, ingredient price trends, inventory control, recipe costs and accounting/bill-pay functionalities allow you to streamline your back of house operations so you can get back to focusing on your guests.

Produce Procurement Dashboard

A New Era of Produce Transparency

Gain access to real-time contracted FOB prices with freight and management fees so you always know exactly what you’re paying for your product. Click to purchase straight through our customized ordering platform, view the results from daily invoice audits and track the latest recall and alert summaries.

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