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Produce Powerhouse: The Buyers Edge Platform Approach to Fresh Solutions

Fresh Solutions

Efficient produce management plays a crucial role in the success of foodservice operations. It involves the careful procurement, handling, and distribution of fresh produce, which is vital in an industry where quality and timely delivery are key.

Fresh ingredients are the heart of culinary establishments, impacting the taste, presentation, and overall satisfaction of customers.

Last year, Buyers Edge Platform produce brands came together to form our Fresh Solutions.


Buyers Edge Platform Fresh Solutions

At Buyers Edge Platform, our Fresh Solutions take a multi-faceted approach to produce management by integrating technology, offering dedicated support services, and placing a strong emphasis on food safety. These solutions aim to address the unique challenges associated with sourcing, handling, and distributing fresh produce efficiently and sustainably.

Designed to meet the specific needs of the industry, Fresh Solutions provides a comprehensive program that surpasses traditional business models and empowers operators to achieve heightened levels of efficiency and excellence in their foodservice ventures.

The Fresh Solutions division is comprised of four distinct business units, each contributing to the overall success of produce management:

Buyers Edge Platform Fresh Solutions

Fresh Management Solutions

Two Buyers Edge Platform brands have emerged as industry pioneers, seamlessly combining produce management, sourcing excellence, and dedicated service to redefine the standards of produce excellence: Fresh Concepts and Produce Alliance.

fresh concepts

Fresh Concepts

Fresh Concepts provides fresh management services for foodservice clients throughout North America focusing on full-service restaurants, emerging brands, casinos, hospitality, & universities.

Our value and expertise extends to every aspect of fresh management, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.


Fresh Concepts is an end-to-end produce partner, working side-by-side with operators to ensure all of their produce needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Produce Alliance

Produce Alliance

Produce Alliance specializes in delivering fresh management services to a diverse range of foodservice clients, with a targeted focus on fast-food (QSR), non-traditional, c-store, fast casual, GPO, and healthcare establishments.

Our commitment goes beyond conventional boundaries, contributing to the overall success of the Fresh Division.

    • Technology
    • Food Safety
    • Culinary Expertise
    • Procurement
    • Sustainability


Partnering with Produce Alliance means superior access to fresh produce, commodity expertise, innovative technology solutions, and a vetted network of growers and shippers that contribute to the long-term success of our valued partners.

fresh alliance

Fresh Alliance: Procurement, Contracts, Freight & K-12 Solutions

Taking center stage of our produce procurement solutions is Fresh Alliance. Fresh Alliance seamlessly procures products directly from grower/shippers and fresh processors. Beyond just acquisition, our commitment extends to efficiently managing contracts, and freight for these products.

By providing comprehensive procurement services, Fresh Alliance plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and reliable supply chain for the industry.

In a landscape where efficiency is key, Fresh Alliance stands as a trusted partner, facilitating direct connections between producers and operators for a more responsive and agile procurement experience.

Additionally, Fresh Alliance also supports k-12, by providing fresh solutions through a new program, “Healthy Solutions 4 Kids.” Our mission is to not only help school districts better utilize the funding they have available to them, but we supply educational marketing materials aimed at supporting child nutrition meal programs and encourage kids to try new foods and establish healthy eating habits.

fresh services

Fresh Services: Operational Support

Fresh Services stands as the backbone of operational support for Fresh Concepts, Produce Alliance, and Fresh Alliance, offering a comprehensive suite of services to ensure the seamless functioning of these entities.

Dedicated support covers key areas crucial to the success of our partners, including:

    • Food Safety Protocols
    • Strategic Pricing Thorough Price Verification
    • Operational Support
    • Centralized Billing Processes
    • Cutting-Edge Technology Integration


By providing full-service support in these essential areas, Fresh Services empowers our clients to navigate the complexities of the foodservice industry with confidence, efficiency, and a commitment to excellence.

Key Benefits of Buyers Edge Platform Fresh Solutions

Explore the benefits that Buyers Edge Platform Fresh Solutions bring to the table, ensuring unparalleled support and efficiency throughout the produce management lifecycle:

    • Food Safety and Quality Assurance: Our dedicated food safety team is paramount to the success of the BEP Fresh Division and our alliance of quality growers and dedicated distributors trust us to provide them with quality assurance.


    • Price Verification: We automatically audit every invoice, comparing the approved program price to the invoice price. The pricing team negotiates and finalizes pricing with each distributor and works to retrieve credits.


    • Savings: We save our customers between 5-10% of annual food spend on our program. Additionally, our direct grower contracts save 10-15% against the USDA markets.


    • Reporting: Weekly Prices, Monthly Average Prices, Monthly Drop Sizes, Monthly TOT Price Comparison, Weekly Price Adjustments, Monthly Invoice Summary & Weekly Comprehensive Prices


    • Central Billing: Invoice data is sent by all distributors and central billing reviews and processes. Then invoice data is then sent to the customer, corporate writes one check and we take care of the rest!


    • Technology: A team of 10+ software developers that build proprietary software, along with EDI specialists who focus on linking data electronically between the grower, distributor and end unit operator and syncing the data with any 3-party system of our client’s choice.


    • One-Call: A dedicated account manager committed to your success.


    • Produce Support Specialists: National team of certified Produce Support Specialists who are responsible for servicing your locations in each market.


Navigate Produce Management with Confidence

The value of an all-in-one solution becomes evident in the seamless integration of Fresh Concepts, Produce Alliance, Fresh Alliance, and Fresh Services.

The ability to address the diverse needs of the foodservice industry through a single, integrated platform reflects a commitment to elevating the entire produce management lifecycle.

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