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What Your Clients Are Buying

Dumpster Diving... For the Digital Age

Stop digging through your clients’ trash for your competitors’ invoices. We deliver the insights you crave.

Tools and Tech for Better Conversations

Your clients tell you that you get 100% of their business, but we all know that’s not true. Buyers Edge Platform’s distributor portal shows exactly where you’re winning or losing, while also highlighting the categories that your DSRs should sell to each account.

Delivering the Data That Distributors Demand

There’s only one place to access the data that we have on more than 100,000 operators. Plus, we collect, clean, and organize purchase data from 1,000 distributors that you can use to make smart decisions about what to stock and sell.

Easily identify top items that your customers are buying from competitors. We’ll even provide you with price guidance so you can make more competitive bids and grow cases.

How about a pie chart that shows exactly what share of purchase volume you have at each of your clients? Uncover the best categories to sell to each client and leverage our contract set to come in with the most competitive bids.

Browse a comprehensive list of over 165,000 products that carry a Buyers Edge rebate or deviation. View item-level prices and create a competitive market basket price to win and retain business.

See what your customers are buying that you might not even be stocking. Bring those items and categories into your distribution centers and add more cases to every truck.

Pinpoint Precision

Work Your Accounts with Pinpoint Precision

The goal of every distributor is to grow cases. That’s exactly what Buyers Edge Platform helps our partners do. The distributor portal allows you to easily monitor the health of all your accounts, gain a better understanding of your market share, and uncover the categories that you might be losing to your competitors.

Grow Cases

The Edge You Need to Grow Cases

Dumpster diving for competitor invoices is a thing of the past. Buyers Edge’s distributor portal identifies items and categories where your customers are purchasing from a competitor. Understand the exact products those customers are purchasing along with price guidance to gain the edge you need to win new cases.

Our Database

Look Like the Hero We Know You Are

Search our database of products with rebates for your customers and use our deviations to help win and remain competitive. It’s a win, win for everyone.

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