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Driving Efficiency and Cutting Costs: A Closer Look at ArrowStream and Consolidated Concepts

cost reduction

Were you at the recent Market Vision ChainGangMeeting? Despite the challenging weather, we’re certain you noticed the abundance of solutions aimed at driving growth for chain operators. 

Within the diverse mix of industry leaders present, two prominent Buyers Edge Platform brands stood out: ArrowStream and Consolidated Concepts. 

A common theme both brands observed was the prevalent question on everyone’s minds – “How can we reduce costs within the organization?”

The concern is widespread, as 98% of operators express worry about labor costs and 97% highlight the challenge of increased food costs. This challenge echoes throughout the industry, and we recognize the urgent need for effective solutions. 

The tailored solutions these two Buyers Edge Platform brands bring to the table address the crucial challenge of cost reduction within a foodservice organization. 

cost reduction


ArrowStream is a collaborative software solution that improves supply chain efficiency and profitability for foodservice operators, distributors, and manufacturers.

  • Category Spend and Optimization: Multiple data sources are streamlined into a secure cloud based solution, producing clean data for quicker decision-making, lower food costs, and increased profit margins. Spend can be optimized by combining expenditure and identifying non-compliant items. Find savings on existing contracts and identify new contracting opportunities to save even more. 


  • Price Audit and Contract Management: ArrowStream’s pricing communication workflow allows foodservice operators to simplify communications and improve overall pricing accuracy. Operators can easily manage and audit pricing contracts, maximize rebate collections, and improve network collaboration. With price audit, a chain was able to identify overcharges and recover $1.1M. 


  • Inventory Alerts and Analytics: By limiting disruptions to distributor inventory and capturing upstream supplier inventory, operators can safeguard supply. You can proactively assess stock, prevent possible stockouts, and save money by avoiding excess inventory with the help of daily inventory updates. 


  • Foodservice Incident Management: FSIM is used by over 16,000 foodservice locations to standardize their delivery incident collection process, improve visibility, and automate incident resolution. Avoid wasting time investigating quality and service incidents, which can cost an average of $25-$75 per incident. 


  • Supplier Discovery, Inquiry, and Sourcing: Effortlessly connect with over 11,000 suppliers using ArrowStream’s platform. Manage contracts with ease, arrange sourcing events, and conduct supplier inquiries without formal RFPs. Using Supplier Discovery, a large QSR Chain was able to swap vendors and save 18% on pickles. 


  • Forecasting and Price Risk Mitigation: With daily, weekly and quarterly reports on more than 200 products, operators can optimize purchasing decisions by understanding market conditions to make budget assessments, estimate profitability, improve contract negotiations, and more. A 6-unit foodservice operator saved $400k/yr leveraging market insights to negotiate better contracts. 


ArrowStream stands as a collaborative software solution, revolutionizing supply chain efficiency for foodservice entities.  

Contact an ArrowStream supply chain expert today to explore how ArrowStream drives cost savings and operational enhancements for chain operators.

Now, let’s dive into the comprehensive strategies offered by Consolidated Concepts to further empower chain operators in reducing costs and optimizing their supply chain management. 


Consolidated Concepts 

Consolidated Concepts excels in helping chain operators reduce costs through its comprehensive approach to supply chain management.  

  • Contract Negotiation Expertise: Consolidated Concepts leverages its industry knowledge and strong supplier relationships to negotiate favorable contracts on behalf of chain operators. This ensures competitive pricing and favorable terms, directly impacting cost savings. 


  • Spend Management Strategies: Our spend management technology analyzes and optimizes purchasing patterns. By identifying opportunities for consolidation and streamlining procurement processes, Consolidated Concepts helps chain operators make informed decisions that reduce overall spending. 


  • Supply Chain Efficiency: Consolidated Concepts focuses on enhancing the efficiency of the entire supply chain. Through innovative technology and strategic planning, Consolidated Concepts helps chain operators identify areas where processes can be streamlined, reducing operational costs and improving overall efficiency. 


  • Data-Driven Insights: The use of data analytics is a crucial element of Consolidated Concepts’ approach. By providing chain operators with actionable insights derived from data, we enable informed decision-making, leading to more effective cost control measures. 


  • Vendor Management: Consolidated Concepts assists chain operators in managing their vendor relationships effectively. This includes evaluating vendor performance, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring alignment with the overall cost reduction objectives. 


Consolidated Concepts takes a holistic approach to supply chain management, leveraging expertise in contract negotiation, spend management, supply chain efficiency, data-driven insights, and vendor management to drive substantial cost reductions for chain operators. 

Contact Consolidated Concepts today for comprehensive supply chain management, delivering significant cost reductions and operational improvements for chain operators. 


A Collaborative Approach from Buyers Edge Platform  

Cost efficiency is paramount for the success of any operation. At Buyers Edge Platform, we recognize the importance of navigating the delicate balance between quality and cost. Our innovative solutions and insights empower chain operators to make informed decisions, identify cost-saving opportunities, and streamline procurement processes. 

Our brands work together to provide an all-in-one solution tailored to the unique challenges of a rapidly evolving industry. This collaboration ensures that your business benefits not only from the individual strengths of each brand, but also from the seamless integration of their offerings, creating a powerful and unified strategy for success. 

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