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We’re Data Obsessed – And You Should Be Too

Good decision-making always begins with good data — but it’s not so easy to come by. Buyers Edge unlocks the complex web of foodservice data to power your decisions and your business.

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We grew and evolved from our next-generation GPO

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To become a technology-driven, Digital Procurement Network

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With an AI-powered data intelligence platform

Why Tech Matters

Data Is for Everyone... That Includes You!

Power up your national sales teams with product-specific operator targeting.

Dive into the data to uncover the cases you’re losing — and turn them into winning sales opportunities.

Mine the data on every single purchase to find new margin growth and cost-savings.

Back Office
by Buyers Edge Platform

Finally, a place to manage food costs and automate back office operations, all in one place.

I realized very quickly that data was what this industry craves – and that data would be our differentiator.

John Davie
CEO and Founder, Buyers Edge

How It Works

Our Technology Platform

We’re using technology to transform the foodservice supply chain — delivering real-time data about your products, prices, and profitability.

Back Office

Tools to Help You Run Your Day to Day

Our Back Office software solution helps operators run their day to day. Streamline time consuming manual tasks so that you can focus on what matters most. Recipe Costs, Inventory Control, AP Automation, Payroll and Operational Reporting are now available at your fingertips to help your run a more profitable restaurant.  

Data Ingestion

At Our Core, We Are a Data Ingestion Machine

Our vast network of cost savings and GPO services not only provides a substantial benefit to our operator partners — it also drives our data intake engine. Operators submit their purchasing data to Buyers Edge in order to take advantage of rebates and deviation contracts. We are then able to aggregate that data for the benefit of the industry at-large.

Clean Data

Clean Data is Useful Data

Imagine gathering information from over 1,000 distributors — each with their own product codes, descriptions, prices, and units of measure. Our proprietary Data Manager software cleans and normalizes product codes from disparate sources, distilling each item down to one unique — and accurate — product code.

AI Matching

A Match Made in AI Heaven

Buyers Edge Platform’s proprietary artificial intelligence finds same and similar products and organizes them into a vast map of foodservice items. We use this algorithm to uncover savings opportunities for our operator clients and to roll out effective targeted marketing campaigns on behalf of our manufacturer stakeholders.

Stakeholder Portals

Putting the Data To Use for YOU

All that cleaned and organized data isn’t worth much unless it’s delivered in an actionable way. Our stakeholder portals present easily accessible data insights to our operator, manufacturer, and distributor partners.

Interested in what our data can do for you?

Let’s discuss your next move.

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