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Proprietary Manufacturer Technology

There’s Nowhere Else to Find This Level of Data Access

Expand your visibility to see where you’re winning or losing cases — and why.

A Technology Platform Built to Expand Manufacturers’ Access to Useful, Real-Time Information

Manufacturers don’t know which restaurants and other operators are, or are not, purchasing their products. Buyers Edge Platform’s “Peak” Manufacturer Portal provides visibility into what customers are purchasing, who they are purchasing from, and where there may be opportunities to grow new cases — all in on easy to navigate dashboard.

Where You’re Winning

Make the Most of Your Sales

Manufacturer partners can view all of their business with the Buyers Edge Platform as well as with their direct contract business. Easily view the total volume, number of locations, cases, and growth in a given time period.

Competitive Insights

The Edge You Need to Grow Your Volume — And Shrink the Competition’s

The Buyers Edge “Peak” Portal highlights top opportunities where our operator clients are purchasing your competitors’ products. Understand what products those customers are purchasing and even connect directly with them to promote comparable items from your portfolio.

New Locations

Visibility into Where Your Products Actually End Up

Your visibility likely stops right where your trucks do — at the distributor. Our “Peak” Portal allows you to see the total number of new locations and the corresponding volume of customers who are purchasing products for the first time. You can drill in to see product details and how much they purchased — then send your sales team out to service these accounts with even more products.

Lost Business

Win Back Business That Was Previously Lost

We allow our partners to see the total number of locations and the corresponding volume of customers who had purchased in the past but have not purchased in the current year. Gain instant insight into when customers stop purchasing your items and access our sales teams and marketing support to win back those valuable cases.

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