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Saucy Solutions from Buyers Edge Platform – Your Recipe for Pizza Prosperity

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As the lingering scent of perfectly baked crusts and savory toppings fades away, one thing remains crystal clear – the International Pizza Expo has left its mark once again!

For pizzeria owners and large pizza chains, the expo was more than just an event; it was a gathering of pizza aficionados all seeking to elevate their craft and businesses to new heights.

Now that the ovens have cooled and the dough has settled, we’ve been reflecting on the variety of innovation that swept the expo.

This year, Buyers Edge Platform is thrilled to have attended and shared our saucy solutions tailored for pizza operators just like you. Let’s revisit our SaaS Solutions, Digital Procurement Network, Fresh Solutions, and Supply Chain Management offerings, and explore how they can help you can reduce costs and elevate your pizzeria to new heights of success.

SaaS Solutions

Step into the digital kitchen of success with Buyers Edge Platform SaaS Solutions, giving you the visibility and clarity to make more informed business decisions. 

Back Office 

Back Office dismantles your siloed restaurant technology systems, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions to streamline every aspect of your business, including: 


Back Office simplifies and enhances every aspect of back-office processes for a seamlessly efficient pizzeria operation. 


ArrowStream is a collaborative software solution that improves supply chain efficiency and profitability for foodservice operators, distributors, and manufacturers. Operators who join ArrowStream gain access to valuable insights and opportunities to collaborate, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve remarkable results in your supply chain operations. 


ArrowStream stands as a collaborative software solution, revolutionizing supply chain efficiency for foodservice entities.   


InsideTrack provides operators with the most complete and comprehensive suite of purchasing tools, including: 


InsideTrack empowers your pizza procurement team with the insights they need to save your operation time and money. 

digital procurement network

Slice through the complexities of procurement with our Digital Procurement Network. Our Digital Procurement Network streamlines procurement process, providing operators with a centralized platform to source quality supplies and ingredients at competitive prices. 

Dining Alliance 

Dining Alliance members can reduce costs while increasing quality and service by leveraging our buying power and restaurant expertise. Members have access to: 

  • $50B+ in Network Transactions 
  • 350+ Manufacturer Contracts 
  • 200K+ Locations Nationally 
  • 175K+ Rebated Line Items 
  • Innovative Technology
  • 250+ Industry Experts 


Dining Alliance’s mission is to make independent restaurants more profitable by offering them access to benefits and purchasing power that would not otherwise be available to them.   

Consolidated Concepts 

Consolidated Concepts optimizes the foodservice supply chain and provides savings and solutions for multi-unit restaurants. Consolidated Concepts clients get access to: 


Slice through costs and elevate your pizza empire with Consolidated Concepts – where supply chain optimization meets unbeatable savings. 

fresh solutions

A great pizza starts with exceptional ingredients. Buyers Edge Platform Fresh Solutions take your pizza-making to new heights by offering produce contracting, competitive pricing, local sourcing, and a commitment to food safety. 

Fresh Concepts 

Fresh Concepts provides fresh management services for foodservice clients throughout North America focusing on full-service restaurants, emerging brands, casinos, hospitality, & universities. 

Our value and expertise extends to every aspect of fresh management, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions to meet their unique needs. 


Fresh Concepts is an end-to-end produce partner, working side-by-side with operators to ensure all their produce needs are not just met, but exceeded.   

Produce Alliance 

Produce Alliance specializes in delivering fresh management services to a diverse range of foodservice clients, with a targeted focus on fast-food (QSR), non-traditional, c-store, fast casual, GPO, and healthcare establishments.  

  • Technology 
  • Food Safety 
  • Culinary Expertise 
  • Procurement 
  • Sustainability 


Partnering with Produce Alliance means superior access to fresh produce, commodity expertise, innovative technology solutions, and a vetted network of growers and shippers that contribute to the long-term success of our valued partners. 

Fresh Alliance 

Taking center stage of our produce procurement solutions is Fresh Alliance. Fresh Alliance seamlessly procures products directly from growers/shippers and fresh processors. Beyond just acquisition, our commitment extends to efficiently managing contracts, and freight for these products.  

By providing comprehensive procurement services, Fresh Alliance plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth and reliable supply chain for the industry. 

supply chain management

Achieve financial optimization as our dedicated procurement teams, seasoned in the art of cost-effective sourcing, spearhead our Supply Chain Management Solutions to drive down your pizzeria’s food costs. 

Sundell & Associates 

Sundell & Associates offers customized solutions designed to combat supply chain challenges for less than the cost of a full-time purchasing department, including: 


By leveraging Sundell & Associates industry expertise and full-service solutions, foodservice operators can identify savings opportunities and boost profitability. 

Restaurant Partners Procurement (RPP) 

RPP is a full-service procurement consulting firm that works directly with an operator’s purchasing director to manage the entire procurement process.   

  • Restaurant Operations 
  • Distribution Contracts 
  • Direct Manufacturer Pricing 
  • Product Sourcing and Certainty of Supply 


RPP’s substantial buying power and expertise enables operators to secure national distributor contract pricing, heavily discounted manufacturer pricing agreements, and major savings on the goods and services they purchase every day. 

A Collaborative Approach from Buyers Edge Platform   

In the pizza world, every penny counts, and at Buyers Edge Platform, we understand the delicate dance between delivering quality and managing costs. Our pizza-savvy solutions empower operators to make informed choices, discover hidden savings, and simplify the procurement process. 

Our brands come together, creating a one-stop solution tailored for the unique challenges of the pizza industry. This collaboration ensures your pizzeria benefits not just from each brand’s strengths but also from the seamless blend of their offerings, forming a robust and unified strategy for pizza-making success. 

Dough-n’t miss out on the different ways Buyers Edge Platform brands can help your operation unleash new pizza profits! Fill out the form below, and a Buyers Edge Platform pizza pro will toss you all the details.