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Contracts, technology, data and expertise that drive success

Buyers Edge Platform is built with the singular focus of empowering foodservice operator success.  We know for certain that the path to restaurant profitability passes through cost reduction, well-informed procurement and technology integration.

We offer operators across all foodservice segments opportunities to easily boost their profit margins by streamlining their supply chains, reducing their labor costs and uncovering savings on the products and services they buy every day.

Buying Power - Purchase with the power of 70,000 restaurants to access contracts and pricing that you would not otherwise be able to access
Restaurant Procurement Technology - Buyers Edge Platform's technology offerings put your data to work to improve contracts, costs of goods sold, inventory metrics and more
Supply Chain - Our supply chain experts deliver insights and opportunities to improve your procurement
Instant Savings Savings Partnerships

Buyers Edge Platform operators gain instant access to thousands of savings opportunities across hundreds of categories. Upon signing up, restaurant, lodging, casino and healthcare operators of all sizes plug themselves in to discounts and rebates on products they already buy. From there... the options for additional savings continue to present themselves.

Buyers Edge Platform's business model is set up so that we make money when our members and clients save money. That shared interest drives us to help foodservice operators achieve their full profitability potential.

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