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Unlock a world of efficiency, optimization, and transparency in the foodservice supply chain.

We’re transforming the foodservice supply chain with data and technology

It’s our mission to usher our partners into the digital age — where operators, manufacturers, and distributors have instant access to real-time information about their products, prices, and profitability.

Who We Serve

Rapid, Profitable Growth for the Entire Foodservice Industry

We unify the foodservice supply chain by connecting all stakeholders through data and technology.

Gain New Business.
Access Unprecedented Insights.

Buyers Edge Platform provides data and software tools that deliver actionable insights and opportunities to help manufacturers target non-contracted competitive spend.

Save Money.
Build Operational Efficiency.

Foodservice operators leverage our data and technology to reduce costs, elevate quality, alleviate supply chain issues, and gain insights into the strength of their purchasing functions.

Access Competitive Intelligence.
Obtain Next-Level Software Tools.

Distributors gain unprecedented visibility to drive new business, penetrate additional market share, and reward and retain key clients with customized contracts that align to their marketing goals.

Benefiting Over 200k Active Restaurants

$60B+ in Network Transactions

Leverage the power of the largest purchasing data set in the foodservice industry

1,000+ Employees

Teams of developers, produce experts, salespeople, marketers, analysts, and more

40k Independent Restaurants

Our program is uniquely designed to help solve independent restaurant challenges

350+ Manufacturer Contracts 

Partnerships in every imaginable category from garlic to garbage bags

The Buyers Edge Difference

Explore the many ways that Buyers Edge streamlines the foodservice supply chain.

Our Network

The Best Partnerships in the Industry

The most powerful leaders and innovators in the foodservice industry partner with Buyers Edge Platform to deliver more value and profitability.

Our Technology

All the Data and Insights the Industry Needs.
In One Platform

For Operators: Track food costs, recipe costs, prices, inventory, and contracts through one simple interface
Distributors: Utilize data and insights to expand your customer base and sell even more cases to current clients
Manufacturers: Uncover targeted opportunities to drive sales, or deploy marketing campaigns to capture new market share


Calling All Food Lovers and Tech Enthusiasts

Our team members work on projects with brands throughout our enterprise — that keeps life interesting and offers up a world of opportunities for collaboration and growth.


Buyers Edge Platform has been in an exciting period of exponential growth since 2013.


Work-life balance is a real priority for our organization, starting at the top with the leadership team.


We value diversity and believe in the power of unique perspectives.

Technology lies at the soul of this company, but collaboration is what makes us tick.

John Davie 
CEO and Founder, Buyers Edge

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