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Optimizing Hospitality Costs: Join Source1 for Superior Procurement Savings

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Looking to optimize costs? Join Source1, a Buyers Edge Platform GPO for the hospitality industry!

At Buyers Edge Platform, we understand the paramount importance of cost control within the supply chain, driving business efficiency in all areas of a hospitality operation. When you join a Buyers Edge Platform GPO, you exclusive get access to:

  • Collective Purchasing Power: Hospitality operators who join Source1 can leverage Buyers Edge Platform’s collective purchasing strength, unlocking substantial cost savings across procurement needs unique to hotels, casinos, and universities.


  • Amplified Financial Performance: By achieving cost-effectiveness, Source1 empowers hospitality operators to fortify their financial performance, enabling greater competitiveness within the dynamic hospitality landscape.


  • Trusted Supplier Network: Source1 equips hospitality operators with a rigorously vetted network of suppliers, ensuring reliability and quality across procurement necessities specific to lodging, universities, casinos, and fairs/festivals.


Click here to join Source1, the group purchasing organization for hospitality.

Powerful Procurement Savings for Hospitality

Source1 stands as a leading force in hospitality procurement, offering innovative solutions and strategic services tailored for operators within the hospitality segment. This includes lodging, casinos, colleges, universities, and more!

As a Buyers Edge Platform GPO, Source1 is dedicated to supporting the hospitality industry reduce their costs by providing access to:

  • Nationally Contracted Pricing
  • Integrated Data and Technology Solutions
  • Industry Expertise


Source1’s cost savings programs and technology are designed to create substantial value and savings potential for operators. With a focus on efficiency and savings, Source1 ensures that hospitality operators benefit from procurement-based services, empowering them to navigate their procurement needs with confidence and ease.

Savings Advantage

Access a wide array of rebated line items and over 350 manufacturer contracts, enabling unparalleled cost efficiencies tailored to your procurement requirements.

Enhanced Insights

Leverage cutting-edge data and technology integration to empower informed decision-making. Seamlessly transition from manual to automated processes, gaining heightened visibility to make strategic choices confidently.

Efficient Procurement

Optimize operations with centralized purchasing strategies, ensuring consistency, efficiency, and standardized quality across your establishment. Experience streamlined procurement processes that enhance operational efficiency.

Click here to join Source1, the group purchasing organization for hospitality.

Reduce Your Costs by Joining Source1

Streamline your procurement, enhance operational efficiency, and drive substantial cost reductions across your establishment. Unlock unparalleled cost efficiencies and maximize savings potential,

Experience the power of optimized operations—join Source1 today!