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Unfavorable weather conditions across various growing regions, including Florida, Mexico, and California. These adverse conditions have significantly impacted several commodities, leading to reduced yields and subsequently causing an increase in market prices. All wet veg items will be shipped from the Salinas Valley as supplies are increasing for most commodities and the quality continues to improve. However, romaine and iceberg supplies remain slightly below budget due to cooler temperatures and quality issues such as anthracnose and mildew. Additionally, we are seeing lighter weights and head sizes.



Soybean oil had a minor increase last week. The harvest in South America is almost over, but there are reports that Argentinean strikes are delaying exports. The US’s wet weather has hindered planting, but it’s not a serious problem. Soybean oil prices are down. Concerns about output are tight for Palm. Soybean oil is leading the way in canola.



The market for shell eggs is collapsing, and demand has decreased. Block and barrel sales are steadily rising. There have only been nine loads appearing on the spot market so far this week, down from 71 three weeks ago. Butter producers continue to accumulate large butter inventory while managing hectic production schedules.



Demand is not keeping up with supply in the complex. Owing to seasonal demand, the best cuts include brisket, top butts, tenderloins, and short loins. Thin meats, strips, and ribs keep slipping in popularity. Bid pressure is coming from end cuts, insides, and chucks. Because of the holidays and grilling weather, demand for grinds has increased.



The weak demand for B/I butts last week caused the market to slightly decline. Boneless buttocks are growing more and more popular because of the continuous increasing demand. Ribs are becoming more and more popular as grilling season approaches. Pork is being promoted in retail ads, increasing market share. Bellies are erratic again, but they will settle over the course of the following week.



Cinco de Mayo drove the demand for random breasts. The demand for wings has increased. There is a high demand for tenders, yet they are still the hardest to locate offering. The desire for dark meat is still high. The majority of whole birds are balanced.



Markets remain stable from week to week. The seafood industry is preparing for the summer season and updating their menus in anticipation of the major holidays.