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2023 – The Year of Streamlining Foodservice Procurement

Foodservice Procurement

Gone are the days of your foodservice procurement department manually managing the purchasing process.

It’s not surprising that the use of technology has exploded throughout the foodservice industry. All segments, departments, and operations industry wide are starting to see the value of adopting foodservice procurement technology and embracing tools necessary to maintain and expand their businesses.

We often underappreciate how adaptive and resilient the foodservice industry has had to become. Through much uncertainty the last few years, operators are paving the way to success by pivoting to a more streamlined way operating and identifying the importance of value-added technology solutions.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to unlock a world of efficiency, optimization, and transparency throughout the supply chain with the help of foodservice procurement technology.

Foodservice procurement technology is no longer a “nice to have”. Now, it’s a “must have”. Complete transparency and visibility into your procurement process is vital to the success of your operation.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of using foodservice procurement technology:

7 Benefits of Foodservice Procurement Technology

1. Automation of purchasing and ordering processes, which can save time and reduce errors.

2. Improved inventory management and tracking, which can help reduce waste and ensure that foodservice operations have the right products on hand when they need them.

3. Increase efficiency and cost savings through better supplier management.

4. Better visibility into purchasing data, forecasting, and insight into purchasing trends, resulting in more profitable business decisions.

5. Improved communication and collaboration between foodservice operations and suppliers.

6. Better reporting and compliance with regulations, such as tracking food safety and sustainability.

7. Better forecasting and demand planning, which can help foodservice operators plan for future needs and reduce the risk of running out of inventory.


Here at Buyers Edge Platform, we’re a technology-driven digital foodservice procurement network with an AI-powered data intelligence platform. We use technology to transform the foodservice procurement and supply chain process, delivering real-time data about your products, prices, and profitability.

Our proprietary foodservice procurement technology finds same and similar products and organizes them into a vast map of foodservice items. We use an algorithm to uncover savings opportunities for our operators.

Interested in learning more? Contact Buyers Edge Platform today.