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Disruption is the New Villain, Visibility is the New Hero

supply chain visibility

Like Batman needs Robin, the supply chain needs technology.

Traditional supply chain management has been known to be rigid and time consuming, with foodservice stakeholders manually navigating the many touchpoints of the complex ecosystem.

With supply chain disruption occurring more often, the industry has been forced to pivot to meet constant price fluctuations, changes in customer demand, and product shortages – forcing them to act more quickly and with less time to plan.

Without the ability to see things such as operator ordering habits, supplier shortages, or distributor metrics, it’s impossible to build supply chain and operational efficiency.

But how can the different stakeholders move more rapidly when the supply chain process is known to be slow and unpredictable?

The answer is with transparency.

Whenever a stakeholder makes a movement in the supply chain process, data is generated. Think about it, every purchase an operator makes produces different data points throughout the many stages of the purchasing process.

There is data flowing in all directions from operators, manufacturers, and distributors. It’s messy and confusing. But if no one is sharing that data, it makes it difficult to be proactive in the unstable supply chain environment.

How are you supposed to make sense of it all when it’s coming from so many different directions?

Understanding all this dirty data is only half the galactic battle. In order to gain visibility into the data stakeholders are generating, everyone must turn to the new trusty sidekick known as technology.

unprecedented transparency

AI-Powered Data Intelligence Platform

Getting clean and organized supply chain data can be hard to come by. Leveraging the power of technology can unlock the answers you need to make smarter, more informed business decisions. Think of it like when Iron Man upgraded his many suits. Each new version had the capability to tell him little bit more in real-time than the version before it.

No matter if you’re an operator, manufacturer, or distributor, technology can deliver real-time data about your purchases, products, prices, and profitability. Basically, the four most important P’s in foodservice.

Buyers Edge Platform technology brings together all the important data and insights the industry needs into one centralized hub. Our proprietary data management software cleans and normalizes product codes from disparate sources, distilling each item down to one unique and accurate codes.

Artificial intelligence can help you discover savings opportunities and put all your valuable data to work for you.

Interested in learning what our technology can do for your business? Contact us today and level-up your supply chain process.