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Produce Management

Reduce your costs, stabilize your prices, and build food safety and⁠ traceability into your produce supply chain.

Obsessed With Your Produce

Buyers Edge Platform delivers a consistent and transparent managed produce program to the foodservice industry. Our focus is on delivering competitive prices through fully audited networks – all while providing maximum visibility to our operator clients.

Safe and Secure at Every Step

Our teams provide in-person audits of the growing fields, distribution centers, and even our clients’ walk-in coolers – all to ensure safe handling, storage, and usage of produce products.

Price Stability

As produce prices swing throughout the year, our prices maintain stability – allowing you to budget, order, and forecast more effectively.

Distributor Neutrality

Change is disruptive. Our managed produce programs deliver savings and value without needing to switch distributors.

Real-Time Transparency

Buyers Edge’s managed produce technology lets you see real-time contracted prices, freight, and even management fees.

Tech-Enabled Food Safety

Our licensed food safety teams deploy Buyers Edge’s technology to manage food safety audits, recalls, and alerts.

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