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Food Cost Management

Put your data to work for you. The insights are there – you just have to look.

If You Can Take a Selfie, You Can Run Your Food Cost

Once your data is in the Buyers Edge system, you can mine for insights about your products and purchases. And this system couldn’t be easier – it takes just 5 minutes a day to have your food costs in your control.

Restaurant Operations, Simplified

Get a deeper understanding of your businesses. Run dynamic recipe costs that shift as prices change, track your food cost percentage, and make inventory and bookkeeping a breeze by logging in to our Food Cost Management software.

Food Cost Insights

Derive key success metrics, including plate costs and cost of goods sold. Assess which menu items are truly driving your profitability.

Recipe Costing

Dynamic recipe costs automatically adjust as your ingredient prices fluctuate. Finally, a real understanding of plate costs is attainable.

Inventory Management

Mitigate time-consuming inventory counts and quickly resolve shrinkage and spoilage issues. Easily track on-hand, ordered, and delivered case amounts – plus the prices paid for each item – regardless of distributor or time period.

Accounting & Bill Pay

Expedite the laborious bill pay process. Approve your invoices in our Food Cost Management tool and send them straight to your accounting team – your bookkeeper will thank you!

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