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From Dining Alliance: How Restaurants Can Navigate Rising Food Cost


Have you noticed your food cost increasing?

From the labor shortage to food shortages, restaurant operators have been battling a supply chain crisis since COVID first arrived in the country. With inflation forcing restaurants to raise menu prices, operators struggle to turn a profit.

So far in 2021, food-away-from-home prices have increased 3.3% and according to The USDA, restaurant prices will continue to climb in 2022.

With rising food cost and less staff support, customers are experiencing slimmed down menus and higher prices for their favorite plates.

How can restaurant operators navigate the increase in food cost and how can technology help?

Programs to Help You Control Food Cost

One way to control your food cost is to leverage the buying power of Dining Alliance. With access to competitive food programs, restaurant operators can unlock savings and take advantage of manufacturer rebates. We have a whole team dedicated to helping restaurant operators like you increase their rebate checks. Our team of experts will help you find opportunities to switch to our manufacturers’ items to decrease cost and increase quality.

Here are some of the programs you get access to as a Dining Alliance member:

Produce Program

We partner with Fresh Concepts and the best local produce distributors to ensure high-quality produce arrives at your restaurant at the industry’s most competitive prices.

Meat Program

Our meat suppliers provide members with superior quality products for your center of the plate needs.

Seafood Program

Great for high volume seafood buyers and specialty restaurants, we offer a premium price equation designed to manage the flux of seafood cost for our members.

Coffee Program

Benefit from our group volume pricing and significant savings on multiple brands such as Folgers, 1850 Coffee, and Cafe Bustelo.

Dairy Program

Our dairy suppliers provide superior quality products straight to your operation. We work with local providers to bring you quality products designed specifically for your restaurant.

Baked Goods Program

Take advantage of our partnership with top bakeries across the country that offer negotiated discounts and savings on high quality pastries and bread products!

The Benefits of Using Technology 

Nowadays, operators need to know where every penny is coming and going. Knowing your food cost is essential to running a successful restaurant– especially when prices are increasing every day.

Stay ahead of price changes with the help of technology. Having a more accurate picture of your food cost can help determine what’s working and what is taking away from your bottom line.

Orderly, our food cost management technology, provides restaurant operators with their food spend, sales, purchases and cost of goods sold. The dashboard is updated weekly to help keep your restaurant profitable. You can get a complete overview of the last four weeks of your food spend, check for trends and know when you’re over budget.

Food cost will always be a key player in your business. You need to be ready for prices changes as they occur. Partnering with Dining Alliance can help you reduce your food cost, keep track of price increases, and put more money back into your bottom line.

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