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3 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Switch and Save Opportunities

Switch and Save Opportunities

One of the benefits of working with the Buyers Edge Platform is that you have access to many switch and save opportunities and a catalog of savings on over 165K items from over 350 manufacturers.  Whether you are a small independent restaurant or a multi-unit chain, restaurants of all sizes are able to easily take advantage of our cost savings opportunities to lower their costs and increase profits.

Our “Switch and Save Opportunities” is just one way that our members can maximize their savings within the member portal.

Switch and Save Opportunities

What are Switch and Save Opportunities?

“Switch and Save Opportunities” is a feature that lives within the Buyers Edge member portal, Launchpad.  When a Buyers Edge member makes a purchase from their food distributor, Buyers Edge collects those purchases and loads them into the customers portal.

We’re able to determine the items a customer purchased, the pack size of that item, the manufacturer, the distributor and much more product specific information.  (Learn what the Buyers Edge Platform does with purchasing data!)

Using our proprietary AI software, we are able to analyze the items that our customers purchase and match them against items in our database which are similar,  and hold a CASH BACK rebate. This allows our customers to easily maximize savings by switching to similar products that we’ve recommended. You can easily request a sample of the suggested product and connect with our team to learn more about the specific product.


So, Why Should You Utilize Switch and Save Opportunities?

There are 3 reasons why you should utilize our switch and save opportunities.

  1. Earn Cash Back Rebates – The EASIEST way to put money back in your pocket!
    • As a restaurant, every dollar you save counts. Switch and Save Opportunities are the easiest way to find comparable products to those that you are purchasing today, at a better price. We make finding products and rebates EXTREMELY easy.
  1. Find New Products – Switch and Save Opportunities often offer SUPERIOR quality products at a CHEAPER price, than those that you are purchasing today. You save money + your customers get a better culinary experience. Why wouldn’t you want that?
  2. Identify Product Pricing Trends – How great would it be to know if you were getting a good deal on any item you purchase in comparison to other restaurants in the area? Well now you can! We give you the insights so to better understand your purchases and give you the data to make better deals with your distributors.


How to Use Switch and Save Opportunities

To take advantage of switch and save opportunities, log into your account and click “Insights”.


Savings and Opportunities


You will see a list of items that you are Currently Buying (1) with the recommended product (2) that we have matched. We’ll also show your annual rebate amount based off of your purchasing history.

From here, you can easily request a sample and our team will connect with you to make sure the product fits all your specs.

What Next?

The Buyers Edge Platform offers a variety of ways to help restaurants run more profitable businesses. Login to your account to learn of all the cost saving solutions we have to offer.