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Buyers Edge Platform Delivers Data Transparency, Technology, and New Business

Buyers Edge Platform is a Unified Cloud Platform that provides data, insights and technology into the foodservice industry.

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    Buyers Edge Platform is Built on ‘Doing it Differently’

    As an upstart Supply Chain Network in Rochester, NY in 1998, "Dining Alliance" sought to disrupt the restaurant industry in favor of operator success, transparent pricing, and trusting vendor relationships.
    20+ years later, Buyers Edge Platform is the largest Digital Procurement Network in the industry with billions in buying power across restaurants, healthcare, casinos, hospitality, higher education, institutions, and entertainment
    Our exponential growth is rooted in a commitment to rejecting the stodgy old ways that foodservice industry have historically been run. Any time we heard a complaint about ourselves or our competitors, we turned that into an opportunity to improve our offerings
    Risk-taking is in our blood. We developed software that took on the industry's scariest technology and data challenges. We founded and acquired companies when others would have held their positions - all in the name of adding foodservice value and steering the industry in a progressive direction.

    What is a Digital Procurement Network?

    Buyers Edge Platform has created the industry’s first end-to-end digital procurement experience

    • 1998

      - Founded: Dining Alliance (independent restaurants)

    • 2008

      - Acquired: InsideTrack (data and spend management)

    • 2009

      - Founded: Consolidated Concepts (multi-unit restaurants)

    • 2015

      - Founded: FoodBAM (food cost management software)
    • 2016

      - Acquired: Fresh Concepts (managed produce)
    • 2018

      - Acquired: Source1 Purchasing (hotel and lodging)
    • 2018

      - Acquired: Restaurant Partners Procurement (supply chain management)
      - Acquired: Sundell & Associates (supply chain management)
    • 2019

      - Acquired: Svenska Krogare (Swedish restaurants and golf)
      - Acquired: Restaurant Purchasing Solutions (supply chain management)
    • 2019

      - Acquired: Orderly (food cost management)
      - Acquired: Alliance Purchasing (Canadian restaurant group)
      - Acquired: Welch Advisory Group (supply chain managemnt)
    • 2020

      - Platform Investment: Prime Services (post-acute care)
      - Acquired: Food Service Rewards (affinity program)

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    With 20+ years of expertise, and a team of 350+ employees, the Buyers Edge Platform can offer you a lot. But don’t just take our word for it…