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The sheer volume of data that we produce every day is nearly immeasurable. As we tap, touch, text, type and swipe our way through our lives, we leave a trail of data behind that smart marketers, developers, researchers and theorists have picked up and turned into a whole new industry that generates a whole lot of value and even more revenue.

The problem with data in the foodservice industry?

It’s dirty and it’s confusing. Why should operators care about this data?

A Complete Guide to Data and it's Importantance in Foodservice

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If digital connection is the engine of tomorrow’s economy, data is the fuel that runs the machine.

New companies in the restaurant technology space are designing their processes at the outset to generate ‘clean’ and ‘usable’ data that can be analyzed or even monetized. This creates incredible value and insight for ‘newer’ players in the foodservice industry like restaurant delivery apps, meal delivery kits, inventory management software, remote temperature monitoring applications and others.

Download this whitepaper on why data matters to foodservice courtesy of Buyers Edge Platform. 

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