Service Provider - Reach Operators with Indirect Spend Solutions

Foodservice Operators buy a whole lot more than just food

Buyers Edge Platform’s Beyond Prime offerings serve up savings on the hundreds of services, technology platforms, and tools that operators require to run successful business.

Our Beyond Prime partners tap into our network to drive new business opportunities.  Leverage Buyers Edge Platform’s marketing reach to introduce your products and services to our audience of thousands of restaurant, lodging, healthcare and other foodservice locations.

Lucrative revenue-sharing agreements
Built-in marketing and messaging audiences
Dedicated Beyond Prime sales and service teams
Marketing Opportunities Trusted Resource

Buyers Edge Platform’s operators look to our marketing and account management teams as resources for uncovering vendors that deliver value and savings. Our Beyond Prime partners offer discounts that drive new activations with our 60,000 foodservice operator clients and members.

Our operators trust Buyers Edge Platform to recommend service providers who deliver high value products and services. When our teams recommend a solution for a POS provider, equipment service provider, credit card processor, or inventory management solution, our operators respond by signing on with those vendors.

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