Private Equity Company - Boost Valuations by Millions

Reduce Costs, Improve Operations, Increase Valuations

Buyers Edge Platform helps private equity funds maximize their return on investment and boost valuation by millions, by reducing their supply chain cost with products and distribution, without sacrificing quality but notably improving it.  

Private Equity investors turn to Buyers Edge Platform’s Digital Procurement Network to imbed best practices into their investments’ supply chain and procurement processes. Smarter restaurant purchasing leads to stronger margins and greater returns on investments.

Pre-Acquisition assessments for restaurant concepts seeking or considering investments - or for firms seeking to benchmark acquisition targets
Post-Acquisition consultations maximize capital investments through operational, contractual and supply chain best practices.
Exit Readiness plans assist in developing sustainable profitability
Restaurant Supply Chain Assessments Cost Reduction Full-Scope Restaurant Data

Buyers Edge Platform provides a complete picture of where a restaurant's supply chain and procurement processes are today and where they need to go. Private Equity Firms benchmark restaurant targets in terms of purchasing efficiency, operations, and costs -- and arrive at accurate valuations and viable roadmaps.

Cost Reduction is essential to driving the profitability of a restaurant concept. Restaurant investors often emphasize the breaking of old buying habits and the establishing of purchasing best practices.

Smart investors turn to Full Service Supply Chain Management partners as a means of instituting best practices and reducing the overhead of inflated purchasing and supply chain staffs.

Deploy Buyers Edge Platform's data + spend management software - which allows investment firms to centralize spend data, contract information, and location-level purchasing details for all concepts in their portfolios.

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