Manufacturer - Unparalleled Operator Reach

A commitment to transparency, communication and creativity

Buyers Edge Platform provides manufacturer partners with unparalleled access to our data, our operator network and marketing programs that drive real compliance results.

Dedicated Manufacturer Marketing and Manufacturer Relations Teams
Manufacturer Dashboard offers access to real-time purchasing and opportunity data
Flexible, Customizable contracts that are hyper-focused on growth and conversion
Data Access Marketing Compliance Tech

Buyers Edge Platform provides manufacturer partners with incredible access to insights into operator purchase behavior, pricing trends, sales opportunities and growth potential. 

Manufacturers log in to a custom-built data portal to view the statuses of their contracts, sales initiatives, growth targets and compliance opportunities.

Our dedicated Manufacturer Marketing team develops custom-tailored outreach programs that drive conversion and adoption cases to our operator clients. Perfect for a wide variety of initiatives including product launches, line extensions, pricing promotions and more - these programs leverage sophisticated marketing strategies and cutting edge technology properties with the ultimate goal of moving more manufacturer cases to

Buyers Edge Platform's digital marketing properties - including our portals, SaaS products and affinity programs, capture the perfect audience for manufacturers' messages: real owner/operators, purchasing executives, chefs and finance leaders.

Our industry-leading item-matching and product recommendation technologies are what delivered Buyers Edge Platform to where we are today.

Client teams, along with sales teams, marketing teams and our Manufacturer Growth Specialists put our proprietary programs to use in order to uncover the most lucrative - and likely - manufacturer growth opportunities.

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