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Many of our operators have expressed concerns and struggles around the strained supply chain. At Buyers Edge Platform, our greatest asset is our clients and members. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our family of brands to bring you our Supply Chain Support Center. This center will be the best place for you EVERY WEEK to stay up to date on all things supply chain – from news, tips, insights, videos, recommendations, and much more! 

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Watch our recent Webinar ‘Product Solutions for a Stressed Food Service Supply Chain’

Join in the conversation on how food service is handling the supply chain distribution. 

This webinar focuses on solutions to support creating a stable procurement operation during a disrupted supply chain. Join for solutions to fill labor gaps, supply shortages and boost innovation.  


‘Supply Chain Chat’ – Episode 2

In this episode of ‘Supply Chain Chat’ – Richard Hand, Regional manager at PRIME Services is back to talk with Melissa Evans, who is the content marketing manager at Buyers Edge Platform. Join them as they chat through supply chain disruptions, and how operators can pivot and adapt quickly to these changes.

Check back on a bi-weekly basis for new episodes of ‘Supply Chain Chat’!


‘Supply Chain Chat’ – Featuring Experts from the Buyers Edge Platform

In the first edition of ‘Supply Chain Chat’ – Andy Rosenbloom, VP of marketing at Buyers Edge Platform, connects with Richard Hand, Regional Manager at PRIME Services, to discuss challenges and upcoming trends across major food categories!


3 Areas of the Supply Chain to Watch in 2022

2021 was a tough year for the hospitality industry as restaurants continued to face shortages in many areas of their operation due to the pandemic. With no guide on how to navigate the supply chain crisis, operators were challenged with figuring out how to maintain business and keep customers satisfied.

Strategic supply chain management will be vital in the new year, and planning will be key to keeping your restaurant moving forward. Download our free guide on 3 areas of Supply Chain to Watch in 2022 today and make sure your operation is prepared!

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Smithfield Weekly Market Snapshot

Our partner, Smithfield is putting together expert insights, recommendations, and industry trends inside of their ‘Weekly Market Snapshot’. Check back every week for a new snapshot of market updates from Smithfield!


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We’ve been busy curating all of the most useful and most recent information on everything from loans, funds available, supply chain, market reporting and much more! Check back here often for updated information!

Food Supply Chain Q&A

Will there be food shortages? What is USDA doing to ensure access to food? Will USDA food purchases continue?

USDA to Strengthen Food System

The USDA announced plans to invest more than $4 billion to strengthen critical supply chains through the Build Back Better initiative.

Local Food Supply Chain

USDA is committed to supporting robust regional food economies across the food chain through the following programs.

Loan Guarantee Initiative

USDA to launch loan guarantee initiative to create more and better market opportunities and promote competition.

Web-Based Supply Chain Management

Web-Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) is a fully integrated, web-based ordering and procurement system.

Addressing Supply Chain Issues

A letter detailing a list of solutions to address critical supply chain issues facing America’s farmers and ranchers.

U.S. Food & Drug Administration

FDA provides flexibility to the food industry to support food supply chain and meet consumer demand during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Disruptions

Memorandum outlining the existing flexibilities available to all CACFP operators experiencing supply chain disruptions.

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