Buyers Edge Platform Culture

COMMITTED TO truth, safety, INCLUSION AND respect

Corporate Culture at Buyers Edge Platform

Our Company is committed to fostering a workplace full of truth, safety, inclusivity, and respect. We have worked hard to create a company that welcomes all races, ethnicities, faiths, gender identities and sexual orientations equally and without bias. We strive to create an atmosphere that is respectful of the views of all. Trust, mutual love and respect, and honesty are core values of not only our CEO, but our family of brands.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity Initiatives

We are working as a company to develop ways of improving current practices and guiding our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Strategy. As a start, we have:

    • updated our hiring practices by blinding resumes where all identifying information is removed
    • Encouraged structured interviews where questions remain consistent for all candidates
    • Opened all positions internally and externally to increase the candidate pool
    • Brought on a diversity consultant to further company awareness around DEI initiatives
    • Established an Executive-level advisory board to discuss DEI topics and bring forward initiatives recommended by the Diversity Committee and our consultant
Empowering Women:


Establi(SHE)d is a committee within our organization that strives to encourage growth, career development, and self-confidence among the women in our community. Their aim is to bring all women together to support one another and have a stronger voice within the company and beyond! In the last year, they have successfully run a Boss Women panel which included our own group of amazing women to foster discussion and inspiration. More recently, the founder of Establi(SHE)d, Brianna Romano, has organized Fairy God Boss webinars for our employees to join to promote and encourage our women to feel strong and heard. She has led follow up discussions to unpack the webinars that truly encourage a sense of community and power among our women.

This committee has not only lifted up the women in our organization but created a space for the men in our community to learn news ways of supporting their counterparts!

Environmental Responsibility:

Buyers Edge Platform sets science-based targets and pledges carbon neutrality

In 2021, we pledged to set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. Buyers Edge Platform has become a carbon neutral company as of 2020 and pledges Net Zero emissions by 2040, as part of our ambitious climate strategy. We have purchased sufficient carbon offsets to make the company carbon neutral for its 2020 emissions and are committed to maintaining carbon neutrality going forward through a mix of renewable energy purchases, emissions reductions, and offsets. We will continue to evaluate our emissions and track progress towards our long-term goal of achieving net zero GHG emissions by 2040 across our operations and value chain.

Open Discussion:

Community Talks

On the first Monday of every month, Buyers Edge Platform has committed to meeting (virtually) and discussing important issues with members of our family of brands. These topics range from Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, and Addiction to Self-Care, Parenting During a Pandemic, and more! This time allows our employees to connect personally and talk through really tough things happening in the world and in each individual’s lives.

Supporting our Communities:

Grow For Good

From its conception in 2016, the Grow for Good Fund has married our companies’ and employees’ passion to support, develop, and give back to our local communities. We are committed to matching dollar for dollar of our employees’ charitable donations to ensure that as our company grows, so do our charitable efforts!

Charities We Matched In 2021:

    • The Humane Society
    • ShatterProof
    • United Way Food Bank
    • GO Fund
    • Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Program
    • Dallas 24 Hour Club
    • Smiles and Sunshine Foundation
    • Slave 2 Nothing
    • Spaulding Rehab
    • Waltham Boys & Girls Club
    • New London Homeless Hospitality Center
    • Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee
    • Cheney Brothers/Sunshine 107.9 Palm Beach Country Restaurant Fundraiser
    • CORE: Children Of Restaurant Employees
Charitable Funding:

Go Fund

Our own CAO, Sarah Davie, founded the Global Opportunity (GO) Fund non-profit in 2007 with a goal to uplift the lives of women and children in Africa. Over the past 13 years, the GO Fund has helped build and operate an acclaimed school for 350 kids, run an orphanage, provided health insurance to thousands of children, and much more! The GO Fund has enabled educational and social support alongside entrepreneurial projects by working hand-in-hand with African-based grassroots organizations.

Together, they have been able to simultaneously build their capacity to serve their own communities while launching sustainable developmental projects that will carry on their work for years and generations to come. In July 2020, an additional $2,500 went towards the GO Fund’s Sew for Sisterhood project in Ghana, West Africa, which will teach At-risk teens and young women the vocational trade of sewing and batik.


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