The Dish Market Report, October 5, 2021

Top of Mind News



Wings were down and are seeing increased availability on all sizes.
Tenders were down and for the first time all year we are see more availability.


Last week the market continued to drop. Rounds and chucks continue to be soft and grilling season comes to an end.


Demand for butts continues to weaken. Bellies are up as packers are directing labor to produce bacon.

The Sea


North Atlantic Lobster tales are on allocation until December as cod quotas are expected to be reduced in 2022.

The Garden


The sector continues to be challenged by a lack of consistent labor. As manufacturing nearing capacity limits for some, suppliers are still struggling to keep up with demand.

The Kitchen Sink


Natural cheese and mozzarella markets were down while processed cheese markets were up. Butter is also down with good supplies available.


As the harvest year draws to a close, good weather, namely rain, has aided the soybean production. This aided in the decline of the soybean oil market.
Hurricane Ida has devastated Louisiana ports, preventing soybeans, maize, and other commodities from being exported, causing markets to fall.
With the terrible crop situation, canola is rising higher.