Restaurant Revival: Resources for a Successful Reopening

Guests are craving dining experiences – and we don’t mean the ones where they cook at home and pretend it’s a restaurant. They want the real deal.

It’s time to dust off those patio tables, refresh staff uniforms, and invest in technology solutions that streamline your operation.

As a member of one of our many brands, you get exclusive access to a wide variety of products and solutions designed to help your restaurant reopen successfully and welcome the increased customer traffic.

Prepare Your Operation

Warmer weather means an increased desire for outdoor dining. Guests are looking for fresh air, comfortable dining spaces, and clean tabletops. On-premise dining is returning full force and guest expectations are higher than ever with all eyes on restaurants and the steps they are taking to ensure guest and staff safety. 

Take advantage of your membership with Buyers Edge Platform to access the products and solutions you need to successfully clean your indoor and outdoor dining spaces. From power washing supplies and landscaping services, to outdoor cleaning supplies, we have you covered. These products and solutions can help you prepare your operation for guests to return.

Prepare Your Staff

Restaurants had to cut staff during the pandemic due to the decrease in traffic – which left a lot of unemployed foodservice professionals. Your staff is ready to return and start making money doing what they love – serving their community and making customers smile.

Now is the time to refresh your uniforms because first impressions are everything. Your staff style can have a big impact on customer perception and uniforms instill confidence in your customers.

Your staff will have the most interaction with customers, so it’s important to make sure that they have all the PPE they need to stay safe both for themselves and your guests. At Buyers Edge Platform, we partner with hundreds of suppliers nationwide to ensure your that your staff has access to the products and solutions needed to get them ready for reopening such as uniforms, face masks, as well as other PPE.

Prepare for Your Guests

Contactless experiences are everything these days. Becoming tech-enabled with online ordering and touchless payment solutions is key to keep guests coming back! Offering technology solutions such as tableside ordering and contactless payments will not only make guests feel more safe, but will also improve efficiency in your day-to-day operations.

It’s vital that restaurants consider guests varying needs that make them feel safe when dining in. Prepare your operation to meet those needs with products and solutions such as table dividers, hand sanitizer stations, and more.

Buyers Edge Platform Can Help

With the unforeseen challenges brought by COVID-19, preparing for a safe restaurant reopening is essential. You have an opportunity to revamp your operation and make a good impression on your customers. Keep safety as a priority and innovation top of mind and your reopening is bound to be successful and profitable.

Buyers Edge Platform is built with the singular focus of empowering foodservice operator success.  We know for certain that the path to restaurant profitability passes through cost reduction, well-informed procurement and technology integration. Not a Buyers Edge Platform member? Learn how your operation can gain instant access to thousands of savings opportunities across hundreds of categories today!

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