Buyers Edge Platform Partners with Cargill Foodservice

Cargill Foodservice

The Buyers Edge Platform is excited to announce a collaboration with Cargill, a new manufacturer partner. This partnership will help provide our members with continued access to quality and in-demand items.

Cargill is a mission-driven company focused on providing a variety of solutions to the foodservice segment. Focused consistently on culinary innovation, Cargill brings the highest quality products and services to all customers.

Through this new partnership, members of the Buyers Edge Platform can access a wide variety of egg and seasoned frozen beef patty products.

We are looking forward to a great partnership with Cargill and are excited for the value they will provide to our members. If you are interested in learning more about this manufacturer, or other ways a GPO could benefit your business, contact us!

Buyers Edge Platform is a digital procurement network that leverages over $12 billion in buying power and purchasing data, offering contracts, data services, and 20 years of expertise to operators across all foodservice segments.

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