GPO Solutions for Your Foodservice Operation

$12 billion in purchasing power, over 350 manufacturer rebate contracts and more than 65,000 operators. Could you imagine having access to all that as well as game-changing technology that streamlines your operation and helps you make better business decisions? A group purchasing organization could make that dream a reality for your operation.

Joining a GPO means more opportunity for your operation. From price verification, data monetization, rebate distribution, savings and discounts, business intelligence consultation and supply chain management, no matter the size of your business, Buyers Edge Platform’s tech-enabled network of GPO’s has a solution to help you improve and enhance your operation while gaining insights to help grow your business.

GPO Solutions

They say there is power in numbers. When you join a GPO, you can get access to contracted pricing and rebates from top manufacturers, non-food ancillary spend discounts and product opportunities. Buyers Edge Platform contracts are custom-designed to offer aggressive pricing programs on the products that matter most to operators.  We leverage over $12 Billion in buying power and purchasing data to offer contracts, data services, and expertise to operators across all foodservice segments including Regional and National Chains, Hospitality, Schools, Casinos, Healthcare Facilities, Beverage Support and even Canadian Operators.

Our GPO solution also offers a variety of ways to save money on all non-food aspects of your operation, including office supplies, television services, credit card processing, cash handling services and much more. As a Buyers Edge Platform member, you receive preferred pricing on over 150 different indirect spend programs.

Supply Chain Solutions

Managing your supply chain can be very time consuming. With so many moving parts, it can take a village to uncover new strategies to optimize your purchases, streamline your contracts and reduce spend on ancillary services. From product sourcing, distributor management, and auditing to software integration, contract negotiation and operational consulting, Buyers Edge Platform experts do all the hard work for you in the managing of your supply chain and bringing money back to your bottom line.  

A big component of the foodservice supply chain is produce management. Most foodservice operators do not have a produce expert on staff or have the time to manage pricing for every single line item they purchase on a weekly basis. With Buyers Edge Platform, you get access to a team of staff who are dedicated to direct client supporti, giving you a team to manage the details of produce procurement.

Buyers Edge Platform managed produce program focuses on ever-changing food safety standards including SQF, GFSI, GAP and GMP. We hold our growers, shippers and distributors to the highest standards of financial stability, reputability, inventory turnover practices, customer service, delivery metrics and pricing agreements.

Technology Solutions

The amount of data an operation can generate every day can be overwhelming and hard to manage. By utilizing the tools and technology that Buyers Edge Platform has to offer, you can make quick and accurate business decisions that set your operation up for success. From food cost management, data cleaning, spend management, invoice management, auditing and purchasing analytics, the Buyers Edge Platform technology can look at your data to uncover areas for improvement. We can take all your data and integrate it into your accounting and POS systems.

You don’t have to tackle the mess of data that your operation produces alone. If you are a food service operator looking for a GPO with best in class procurement and supply chain consulting, contact us today so we can match you to the perfect fit for your business!